Door Draft Stopper

The Cold Door Draft Stopper


 Stopping Drafts and Saving You Money

Cold air not only comes from the bottom of your doors but from the sides and top as well.  We have created a door cover which not only covers the door but all four corners as well.  

Many of our doors are poorly insulated as a result the temperature of our doors are much lower than the temperature of  our home, that lower temperature coming from the outside door lowers the temperature inside the room or inside our home due to the lack of insulation. The cold door draft stopper covers the door and increases the temperature of the door itself saving you money on your heating bills. As much as a 20° difference from your old door which might be 50°F to a covered door  which may be as high as a temperature about 70°F or the temperature comparable  inside the room.

Reduce Your Energy Bills and Save Money

You'll see a noticable difference in your basements and attics as well as your Front, Side and Back doors.

Our door cover will pay for itself and start saving you money on your heating bills in no time.

S. Sing

Tacoma, WA

 Incredible,  one of the best purchases I have ever made.

 The Cold Door Draft stopper will be available soon, in limited quantities. Click the button below to be one of the first to get our product.

Susan Mitcham

Boston, Mass

" My basement door was always drafty because it was a metal door. After installing the cold door draft stopper I felt a substantial difference in 2 days"

Saving you money

 The cold door draft stopper saves you money by increasing the temperature of the outside door stopping that cold air from coming in not only from the bottom of the door but from all 4 sides of your door


Keeping You Warm

The cold door draft stopper was created not only to keep out the cold air around the four corners of your door, but even more significantly, it was designed to keep out the transference of cold air that comes through the door.  You'll have to feel it to believe it.

It Pays For Itself

In just a few short cold days you'll be able to tell the difference in your home. After just a few short months you'll be able to see the difference on your energy costs